One of the key principles of Shotokan is the focus on perfecting the basics, which include stances, punches, kicks, and blocks.



    Shotokan Karate classes are an excellent way to learn and practice this martial art, whether you’re a beginner looking to start your martial arts journey or an experienced practitioner seeking to refine your skills.


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    One of the key principles of Shotokan is the focus on perfecting the basics, which include stances, punches, kicks, and blocks.


Karate Classes For
Adults and Kids

Whether you’re a parent looking for a fun and educational activity for your child or an adult seeking to improve your fitness and self-defense skills, karate classes can be a fantastic option.

Private Karate

Whether you’re a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced practitioner aiming to refine your skills, private karate classes can provide numerous benefits.

Woman Fitness
and Self-Defence

If you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, including self-defense techniques to your practise may give you the confidence and capacity to protect yourself in difficult situations.

About Me

I’m Shihan Vijay Kumar Black belt 6th Dan in Shotokan Karate style. I am also a National Referee in Karate Grade (A). I won many medals in state and National competitions. I have been taking karate classes for the past 16 years . We send our students to National or International Tournaments. We keep winning stability.”

Shihan Vijay Kumar


Our Features

Convenient Time

Understand the importance of discipline, respect, and self-improvement on your journey to becoming a true Shotokan practitioner.

Quality Equipment

Elevate your training experience with the finest Shotokan Karate gear & equipment. Our selection of uniforms, and training mats.

Best Diet

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for anyone practicing Shotokan martial arts. It provides the energy & strength.

Technique Tutorials

Explore step-by-step tutorials for mastering the fundamental techniques of Shotokan, from basic stances and strikes.

Community Connection

Engage with like-minded martial artists, share your experiences, and seek advice from a supportive community.

Best Trainer

Stay updated on upcoming Shotokan competitions and events worldwide. Find out how to participate or simply enjoy watching.

Client's Testimonial

Joining the karate classes for both myself and my kids has been an incredible experience. The instructors are not only skilled but also incredibly patient and supportive. My children have gained confidence, discipline, and self-defense skills, while I've improved my flexibility and overall fitness. We can't recommend this program enough!

Nisha Mishra New Delhi

Private karate classes have made a world of difference in my martial arts journey. The personalized attention from the instructor has helped me progress at my own pace. The Shotokan karate classes are top-notch, and the flexibility exercises have improved my mobility. I feel healthier and more confident, thanks to this fantastic program.

Aman Tyagi New Delhi

I've always wanted to learn self-defense and get in better shape. Your karate classes have exceeded my expectations. The combination of physical exercise, cardio, and self-defense training is fantastic. As a woman, I appreciate the focus on women's fitness and self-defense. It's empowering and fun. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive program!

Ritika Saini New Delhi

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